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Nutraceutical market

Today’s trend for more natural and environmentally friendly food fits in the growing awareness of the human bond with nature and the desire for healthy diets. Hippocrates already stated: “Your food should be your medicine and your medicine your food.” More and more consumers are now looking for alternative solutions and turn to nature to find answers in their quest for more vitality, fitness and well-being, both physical as mental.


Agrifood market

The agrifood market has always been one of the most dynamic and innovative markets. It focuses on the future of human consumption as well as on past experience. The modern consumer is becoming more and more involved in his consumption choices and the search for natural authenticity is becoming a priority. Eat less but eat better is today’s motto. Fast ageing demographics and improved economic conditions of large population groups around the world mean that there is no way back in the modern search for natural solutions.



Cosmetic market

Our plant expertise enables us to develop a full range of extracts for cosmetic use, which are available in different media. We can provide dry, hydro-glycerinated as well as glycolic extracts for your preparations.

Nutrition animale

Animal nutrition

Animals have requirements similar to humans. Domestic animals and animals bred in captivity often need to enhance their diet with nutritional supplements, for example to compensate for possible vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.