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Launch of a range of Kasha and root juices

A long-established Producer of black radish juice, Plantex is expanding its range of pure root juices. Discover our new products that will be on display at the next CFIA Hall 8 booth B6 : Ginger juice, myoga juice, daikon juice, turmeric juice… They are recommended for marinades, ready-made meals, aroma formulations…

We welcome you to come and sample our new exclusive kaska extracts which are strengthening our “Brown notes” range and contesting for the CFIA innovation Awards. Brealth Kasha products, in both conventional and organic qualities, are offered in a concentrated and easy-to-use form for the industry to enjoy the benefits of this trendy, traditional seed with many health benefits. Kasha refers to shelled and roasted buckwheat seeds.Once toasted, they release intense and pleasant roasted aromas. The Brealth Kasha range therefore provides actors of the food industry with a new aromatic palette that complements the traditional “Brown notes”. As Kasha is not a cereal, it is gluten-free, unlike quinoa for example.

Available in liquid, concentrated, paste and powder form, this new and easy-to-use range brings tasty original “Brown  notes” and enhances the aromatic complexity of classic recipes for beverages, ready-made meals, dessert toppings…