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Naturally passionate

Passion: a basic PLANTEX value

Our passion for nature drives us in our quest for new and reliable raw materials. We continuously strive to innovate in order to provide you with high quality solutions and to develop applications based on the best that nature has to offer.

Nature, an endless source of inspiration

We always go the extra mile, working closely with producers in order to select the best raw materials to offer you exceptional products.

Empathy is natural to our teams

Because we work with men and women all over the world, from the sourcing of the raw material to the consumer, building harmonious human relations and long-term relations is an integral part of our philosophy. Our teams are readily available and naturally work together with you to support your developments.

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Meat and poultry

Soups & sauces

Dairy products

From the field

to the table

From the field

We personnally explore the best production areas and work hand in hand with the farmers to source the best product

Research and development

Our R&D team extracts the essence of the plant to seamlessly match our customers' requirements 


A production Made in France to guarantee traceability and regulatory compliance, as certified by our quality control laboratory  

To the table

Listening to our customers in order to provide the solution which best suits their application needs.

Today's products

in the spotlight

Elderflower extract In addition to elderflower extracts (Berry and flowers) for the nutraceutical industry, Plantex now offers a new range of liquid elderflower extract for flavour proposes, dedicated to the food industry. Plantex keeps the aromatic richness of elderflower flowers so that all the flavour can be kept in these extracts. They are available in conventional and organic quality. This range is intended for all kinds of beverages, confectionary, ice creams... Further informations